thinking inside the box for once


You’d think there was no easier topic for me to identify. I should be able to sum up myself in a theme, a category, a nice neat little package.img_20161113_091313

That’s what you have to do as a designer, after all, right? Have a style, a “thing” that’s consistently “you.”

But do I?

Who am I? An artist, yes. But what kind of art? Painting. Drawing. Sketches. Digital. Layout. Photography.

What topics? Cats. Fitness. Cats. Portraits. Cats. Landscapes. Cats. A picture of sneakers in leaves because heck, I was in the backyard and I wanted to take a picture of sneakers in leaves.

So aside from focusing less on cats, what’s a girl to do when she needs to define herself as an artist? It gets too confusing when there’s too many angles going on, doesn’t it? I’m supposed to fit into a box.

Aren’t I?

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