let it goooo… (in art, anyway)

My paint palette for a commissioned piece I’m working on.

A friend visited me today. Just so happens she’s an artist too, a darn good one. (<<< check out her site!)

These days, a lot of what she’s doing is in The Abstract Realm – for me, a terrifying place I ventured only once, on penalty of death. …Well, I was in college and my professor assigned it, but she really did have to twist my arm a bit.

See, when I create art, I try to completely control my media. That’s the complete opposite of abstract work. And that’s why I didn’t even *attempt* painting until long after I graduated with an art degree – because I felt that pencils and pastels gave me more control than the swooshy end of a paintbrush.

But lately, I’m concerned that I’m overdoing it. I’m overworking it.

I look at my friend Amanda’s abstract pieces, like this one, and it’s so fluid, so free. She lets the paint do what the paint’s gonna do.

I think that’s what scares me. I’m a little OCD when it comes to my work, I guess. But I think maybe I should take a stab at something abstract, just to loosen me up a bit. Something with no strings or expectations attached.

Loosen up. Let it go.

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