sketchbook: it started with ice cream

I like ice cream.

I figured I should have at least one drawing honoring that. But in the process of sketching out a three-scoop cone, I realized it also looked rather like a snowman.

It started as an homage to ice cream. It turned into an idea for a sketch series.

And that became my mission this past week: creating “snowmen” out of different kinds of round-ish foods.

I did one a day (sometimes more than one), and asked on Instagram and Facebook for ideas as to what the next one should be. Suggestions included donuts, waffles, eggs, bagels and lox – and it was awesome. My cousin even suggested the Millennium Falcon, and while it’s not a food, it’d still be perfect for Dec. 17 when the new Star Wars movie comes out! I’m saving that one 🙂

With nine drawings and counting, this qualifies as a proper series – so I figured it deserved a proper hashtag. Though I may write headlines for a living at the newspaper, I’m not *always* good at it, so the best I could come up with was #SweetSnowmen.

Dumb hashtag. But darn fun to draw.




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