sketchbook: *fingers crossed*

The downside of feeling 72 when you are, in fact, not quite 30 is that you need surgery to fix the 72-year-old problems.

The upside of surgery is you’re stuck at home for a while.

Eventually, though, you must go back to work and rejoin your magnificent coworkers, whom you realize you actually missed. That was me today – back to the grind!

Dion and me
My coworker, nationally syndicated columnist Marc Munroe Dion, and I rock the best sweaters in the office.

BUT during my final few days of surgery-induced freedom last week, I got stuff done, yo. Oodles of sketches, PLUS:

  • I discovered my own style for drawing cute animals
  • a friend asked me to illustrate a children’s book she’s writing
  • I sold a commissioned painting AND a holiday card design. Boom. (And I used a lot of capital letters to boot.)

Which makes me a happy camper, I must say.
I’m back at my day job now, and I’m excited for that too, in its own way (coworkers who wear epic sweaters are a priceless bonus). I just hope I can keep up my momentum in art, now that my 9-to-5 is back in business.

*Fingers crossed!*

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