sketchbook: three tees

2016-12-20-11.51.55.jpg.jpgSome people have the Twelve Days of Christmas. Me? Apparently I prefer the Three Shirts of Christmas.

A few weeks ago, my friend Marc asked me to draw one of my snowman sketches featuring breakfast staples: eggs, bacon, home fries – you know the drill. He loved the result, and said he’d wear it on a T-shirt if he could.

This comment sent “perfect present idea” flashing like a neon sign in my head. So I hit the glorious resource that is The Interwebs, and a few days later, a tee emblazoned with that drawing arrived at my door.

That was Shirt No. 1.

I left it on the window seat, awaiting wrapping. My stepson-to-be (who’s 9) noticed it and pointed out excitedly – “That’s your drawing! It’s on a shirt?”

2016-12-20-14.42.23.jpg.jpgI was thrilled he recognized my art, but I was even happier at what he said next: “Can you make a shirt for me?”

Weeks ago, he’d asked me to draw “cute” versions of “Five Nights at Freddy’s” characters (if you don’t know what they are, suffice it to say they’re usually the farthest thing from “cute,” so I’d had my work cut out for me). Not only did he remember these drawings, but now he wanted to wear them?! I’m a little happy about this. #warmfuzzies

That (will be) Shirt No. 2.

2016-12-20-11.50.02.jpg.jpgLastly, the next day, we took a drive to my parents’ house for a holiday get-together. Both my parents were wearing these fantastic “ugly Christmas sweaters” when we got there (Mom’s even lit up). But for December, it was a weirdly warm day, and I wondered why they didn’t take them off.

I found out when it came time for presents. One of the kids opened a package, and held up a shirt bearing the image of a cat I’d drawn. Then my folks took off their sweaters, and underneath, they too were wearing the same shirt.

Apparently, Mom and Dad had liked the drawing so much that they ordered custom tees. For. Everyone. In. The. Family. 🙂

And that, my friends, was Shirt No. 3.

(Side note: I gave Marc his breakfast shirt today. Judging by the blurry pictures, I think it was a success.)


And since this is my weekly Sketchbook entry, here be the sketches:

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