sketchbook: tis the season for torture?

As someone who hates making decisions, choosing Christmas presents is an annual torture ritual. Decide what to give, where to get it, what’s the best price – or decide to make it, which then begs the questions: how to make it, what medium, what style. 

My poor brain.

Thankfully, this year, I didn’t struggle (too much) on one gift: for my fiance.

We have this pose we love, thanks to a candid photo our friend Amanda took of us last year. We recreate that pose often, and it makes a great subject for a painting. 

A painting! Bingo.

And since we went to London a few months ago, that would make a perfect setting.

Decision made.

I call it a painting, but technically it’s mixed media: painted sky/water, marker everything else, and pen detailing.

Miracle No.1: I made a decision. 

Miracle No.2: I got it done on time.

And you shoulda seen him when he unwrapped it ♡ As he said in a Facebook post later, “Kleenex stock went up by a couple of points.”

Happy, happy me. Until next year 😉

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