sketchbook: ice cream in january

wp-image-651330926jpg.jpgIt was below freezing outside. So we got ice cream.

Why not, right?

Geoff and I were on our way home from a quick trip to Philly, when we decided to stop in Manhattan. Because we found out that cereal-milk ice cream is a thing, and that you can get it there (miserably cold weather notwithstanding).

It was one of those awesome moments – as we stood there in the Midtown shop, counteracting our bundled layers of clothing by voluntarily consuming frigid deliciousness – that we looked at each other and tried to digest that yes, this is indeed our life.

Feeling a little crazy at Milk Bar.

It’s a feeling I get a lot, lately.

I’m not pretending that negative things don’t exist or that emotional meltdowns don’t happen (it’s me. They do.). But I’m genuinely amazed sometimes at how freakin awesome life can be.

Sometimes it’s the big things, like getting married in a few months (insert squeals of happiness here).

And sometimes it’s the little things. Like eating ice cream in January.

(…Ok, this post had nothing to do with art. But that’s ok, right? It’s my blog, I can fudge the rules from time to time) 🙂



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