sketchbook: family. fiance. football.

wp-image-1946303371jpg.jpgI had a semi-plan.

Then Sunday night happened.

I was gonna write about the actual art project that’s been commanding my attention lately. But then: the Patriots.

My gosh, the Patriots.

Like everyone else in Pats Nation, the Super Bowl gave me all sorts of depression issues in the first quarter. And the second. And the third.

After which, I begged Geoff to turn off the TV. I’d given up.

But he had faith, he said. “I don’t have faith in many things,” he said,”but I have faith in this team. You, my kids, and this team.”

Family. Fiance. Football.

But I was skeptical. I squirmed. I refused to sit facing the television because I didn’t want to *watch* them lose. Because they were gonna lose. Everyone knew they were gonna lose.

Everyone, except apparently the Patriots. They didn’t get the memo that so many of us had given up. And after THE most ridiculously unbelievable fourth quarter possibly in the history of the human race (I’m a girl, I’m prone to hyperbole at times), the team is back in Boston today for their well-earned celebratory parade.

They didn’t give up.

That’s a cue I think I need to take regarding that art project I’ve been working on lately, too. Stick with it, all the way til the end.

And the end might surprise you.

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