sketchbook: romance, and also burgers

valentine-catHappy Overpriced-Chocolate – er, Valentine’s – Day!

As far as romance-y things go, I actually have a project I need to do. For the wedding, there’s a wall at the venue. (As, I suppose, there are at most venues.) Currently, this particular wall has four big black-and-white canvases on it, featuring the very nuptials-friendly topics of cows and horses.

Hint: We’re not having a cow-and-horse-themed wedding.

So I asked if we can replace them with something else, to which thankfully the answer was yes.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that now I have to come up with four big canvases to fill the space.

I had ideas, but wasn’t sure how to connect them.

We wanted a picture of “our pose.”

He wanted a quote.

wp-image-55171002jpg.jpgI wanted a burger. (No, really – we kind of met over burgers, it’s a thing.)

Then last night, I thought of something that could connect them all: All four will be a silhouette of “our pose.” And then, *within* that silhouette, will be other images: The quote, the rings maybe. And yes, the burger.

So that’s my new plan. Let’s see how fast I can paint…

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