sketchbook: 52 paintings. Yep, 52.

evaro_blog_comicbookillus-mainJust so you know, the YMCA song is surprisingly effective at beating up the bad guys.

At least, that was my soon-to-be-stepson’s plot plan for a comic book he and I had started monthsss ago.

He’d written it, we’d storyboarded it, but I’d never illustrated it.

Then I realized, his birthday was coming up, and I thought it’d make a great present. So at the tail end of January, I decided to finish it.

In less than a month, I drew,
laid out,
and ordered the thing, with a week to spare to account for shipping.


Fifty-two images, I believe, was the final count. I know that’s not much as far as comic books go, but when you think of each one as its own piece of art, it’s a lot!

It arrived two days before his birthday, along with a t-shirt I’d made for him based on an illustration he’d asked for. (ALL the art-based gifts!)

I was excited to give it to him. And when I did, he seemed excited about it, too.

Later, as he was reading it, I heard him say to his 5-year-old sister – and this is a direct quote – “When you learn to read, I’m gonna let you read this, because it’s awesome.”

YMCA song for the win 🙂

P.S. His dad says we might put the book up on the self-publishing space on Amazon, so I’ll put a link later if anyone wants to see how the baddies get beat 🙂

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