sketchbook: love & burgers

Em_DelSanto_artThe theme of the art show was “revelations.”

With my wedding kiiiind of in the forefront of my mind these days, it wasn’t too hard to come up with something to fit that. It was for this year’s ART/word show, an exhibit my old college professor Fischer hosts every March, and which he’s invited me to join since I graduated in 2010.

It always offers a great chance to try a different approach to my art – AND I get to see Fischer, and some of my other professors (who I’m thrilled still remember me haha). This year, my dad came as well!

And as for my interpretation of the “revelations” theme? Burgers, a best friend – and a whole lot of sappiness 😉

“Love & Burgers”

They say your significant other should be your best friend.
That was something I could never understand.
I couldn’t be friends with a guy, let alone best friends.
And then there was you.
You asked me to join you for burgers.
Like, fifteen dinners in a single month.
(I didn’t like the idea of seeing any one person that often, never mind a guy.)
But there was a coupon involved, and God knows I couldn’t say no to that.
And somehow, it worked.
Over those burgers, I realized I could hang out with you.
I could laugh with you.
I could talk with you. (Now I don’t shut up with you.)
Basically I could be myself with you.
Largely because of you, I actually figured out who “myself” is.
And I get it now.
That’s what a best friend is.
That’s what a husband is.
That, my Geoff, is what you are.
My best friend.


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