wedding: do guests notice the little things?

0316_blog_wedding details (3)
I practiced hobbit-calligraphy for this Arwen quote (and a few others).

One thing about the wedding that makes me nervous (in addition to the gazillion other things that make me nervous) is that we’ll put all this work into ALL these little details – and nobody will really notice much.

Will they? Do guests pay attention to the little things? Food is probably the biggest thing they care about, followed by choice of music. I guess, right? But aside from those things, will anyone actually appreciate the details?

Like the centerpieces Geoff puzzle-pieced together even though I (may have) doubted him til I saw the finished product.

The quotes I learned hobbit-calligraphy for, and painted onto paper, and we teamworked them onto the canvases.

The “Lord of the Rings” references we’re sneaking in everywhere, tying back to our woodland/hobbit/Rivendell theme.

The hashtag that’s more Star Wars than LOTR and therefore a departure from the above-mentioned theme – but we like it and it’s ok! #Maythe20thbewithyou

0316_blog_wedding details (2)
Table numbers? Nah. Today you shall dine in the Lands of Middle Earth.

The table labels we got excited about when he suggested naming them after the lands of Middle Earth instead of just standard numbers.

The thrift-store clock that we’re transforming into a hobbit hole. Because.

The hollowed-out “Hobbit” book we’ll carry the rings down the aisle in. The family photos we’ll decorate with. The funky lighting. The guest packets. The seating chart. The buffet sign. The wedding website, even.

All these little things and a bunch more, we’ve put so much time and thought into. And I guess my fear is that it won’t really matter.

0316_blog_wedding details (4)
Not a LOTR quote. Still used it.

But…I guess that’s not really true, is it?

It’ll matter, because it matters to my Geoff and me. The time we’ve gotten to spend together over it all.
Problem solving.
Getting excited.
And doing it time and time again.

That’s what matters in the end, really. The memories we’ve made along the way. It’s our day, and the people we love will be there, and whether or not they notice that the bridesmaids’ jewelry is handmade, isn’t really what the day’s about.

So craft on, little hobbit (I say to myself). And enjoy the journey. This is, after all, still part of the adventure.


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