sketchbook: scribbles in new orleans

Recently-ish, I discovered two very important things: 1) the awesomeness of travel, and 2) a potential name for my cartoon kitty cat.

First, Point No. 1.

Sketching at one of our new favorite spots in NOLA, the Singing Oak.

In the past two years, certain friends (*coughJessiecough*) and a certain fiance scooched me out of my comfort bubble as a homebody. Now, seeing new places is awesome.

Like, three months ago, when we took quick hits at NYC, DC and Philly on three consecutive weekends. Or, this past weekend, New Orleans.

Somewhere along the way, I figured something else out, too. Normal people take photos during vacation; but not only am I *not* normal, I’m also an artist. Armed with a sketchbook.

So in New Orleans, I tried to highlight the best parts of our trip — via drawings of, as my cousin called her, “an unnammed long-necked cat.” I’ve been drawing this kitty for months now, putting her in situations and adventures I find myself in.

On the flight to NOLA, I tried to get a head start on a sketch or two. We had plans to eat an alligator po’boy when we landed, so why not show the kitty eating one?

Thus I drew a gator. Initially, I planned two scenes: One where the cat’s scared of a mean, monstrous gator — then one where she’s, uh, eating him on a po’boy. 0:)

But that just…seemed wrong lol. Once you cartoonize an animal, it makes it harder to imagine him as dinner.

So maybe instead of a foe, the gator could be her friend?

I sketched out the possibilities. And it worked — that little gator turned into an adorable pal for my kitty cat for the duration of the trip.

Which brings me to Point No. 2: the naming of the cat.

My favorite sketch from the trip. Swamp walk!

A few days ago, my dad had suggested something along the lines of “Cuddle Leigh,” playing off my facebook name, Em Leigh (…playing off my actual name, Emely). I liked the “Leigh” part, but wasn’t completely sure about the “Cuddle.”

Then while we were in NOLA, Geoff had an idea. “What about ‘Scribbles’?” he said. That actually sounded pretty cute for a cat. Hmm.

So I *think* … maybe… she shall be called Scribble Leigh. Pronounced Scribbly. And Scribbles for short.

I don’t know. I’m not so confident in naming things. (Good thing I don’t plan on having a kid, the poor child would be nameless for monthssss.)

But. I think that may be the kitty’s new moniker. Scribble Leigh the Cat.

Or Skribble? Scribbl? Skrybl? Haha the possibilities of making this as confusing as possible are endless 🙂

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