sketchbook: for zombies’ sake

I love the way the cartoon looks on newsprint.

This whole biting-off-more-than-you-can-chew thing – I’m getting really good at it 🙂

Honestly though, it’s not necessarily bad. I’m getting to explore a lot of different art opportunities. Such as what I got myself into two weeks ago. I went to my editor-in-chief at the newspaper, and asked if she’d be interested in having me draw in-house editorial cartoons.

We don’t have a cartoonist. We don’t have an artist or a graphic design staff either, here in the editorial department. Or rather, I’m the artist/graphic design staff.

The idea’s been bopping around in my head for a few months now, as I’ve been drawing more, that maybe I should tackle cartoons. Because I’m a good employee! (….or mayyybe so I have an excuse to draw at work…? Nope, definitely not that…) Either way, I took the leap.

My wonderful boss was fully supportive – and as an added bonus, I was informed I can collaborate with my friend Marc Munroe Dion, as he’s the one who writes the opinion pieces. (Winning!)

I drew my first one right off the bat, and another when I got back from NOLA last week.
I didn’t like either of them.

They were ok, but I don’t particularly like “ok.”

Then last Friday came. And Marc had a brilliant column about zombies. Of course he did. Why wouldn’t he?

There was something I could sink my teeth into. And being a Friday, I could go home and take my time drawing the thing, to send in the next day.

Somehow, that one didn’t feel so painful. I wasn’t pulling out my hair or gouging out my eyes to finish it.

It took time, sure. A ton more than the rushed ones I’d churned out before. But that’s what made it better than just “ok.” It’s a low bar to aim for, I guess, but it’s a start.

Bonus: Marc’s column ranked third in online views for that day. Which my boss Jon informs me is higher than usual. He thinks the image helped – aside from it being a kick-ass column to begin with. I mean, who doesn’t want to read about zombies?

Now let’s see what undead topics I can tackle this week!

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