wedding: why we DIY

What the ring bearer will carry our rings in: an actual “The Hobbit” book.

When we got engaged, I mocked the general cost of a wedding.
Who’s stupid enough to spend so much on a single day? I said.

…A few months later…
*raises hand*


That frustrates me to nooooo end. (Ask anyone who talked to a very tearful me yesterday.) BUT. I’m trying to remember something. The best parts of this whole shindig, have absolutely nothing to do with the dollars, so the dollars aren’t worth stressing over.

Last night, G and I worked on the “box” his son will carry our rings in for the ceremony. We knew we wanted to use a book (cue the refrain of many brides these days: “because I saw it on Pinterest!”).

I’d carved books into boxes before, so this should be no problem. Choosing the book wasn’t hard either: Our wedding is Hobbit/LOTR-themed…

The tricky thing, though, was gonna be how to keep the rings inside the “box” once it was carved out. Gravity is a jerk sometimes.

We took out our rings, and puzzled over it for a while. Then we noticed the little jewelry boxes the rings had originally come in. Ya know the little foam insert that holds the ring in place?


With a bit of teamwork, we realized we could put that insert into the carved-out section of the book. It fit like a glove, and fights gravity juuust enough to keep the rings from spilling out anytime the book is tipped or held sideways.

Hah 🙂 Yasss.

Later that night, I looked around at all the little things randomly dispersed around the apartment, waiting to eventually play one role or another in the wedding. All the little projects we’ve DIY’d, the accessories we’ve bought together, the sappy (or just silly) details we’ve planned.

That’s what this is about. Not the cost. Not getting prefab stuff online, or grabbing the first centerpiece idea we came across just because it was easy.

It’s about the time we get to spend together making our wedding *ours.* My Geoff and I are a team, and that’s why the wedding is even happening – to recognize our team-ness for the rest of forever.

This stupid, stressful, meltdown-inducing, time-consuming whirlwind will all be worth it. Because of that <3

2 thoughts on “wedding: why we DIY

  1. I will remember more of the times we spend together doing just this I’m sure, then the four hours it results in, but it’s all worth it. And don’t worry, I’m a sucker for details, I will notice every bit!! Can’t wait….

    1. Aw Lori!!! <3 Thank you. We have the most awesome friends, I swear. You guys all are so supportive and it means a lot. I'm afraid of all the little things that won't get noticed, or the stereotypes of guests that just come and criticize whatever may go wrong, instead of appreciating all the work that went into the things that will hopefully go right, ya know? So thank youuuuu <3 <3 <3 *breathing* It'll be a good day!

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