wedding: bound for the recycle bin

The seating assignments gave me a bit of a headache, but (I think) worth it!

Marriage is supposed to be forever.
The paper materials that go with it, however, are not.

Despite all the fancy stock, foil accents and die-cut edges that go into the invitations and other papery things, realistically the stuff just ends up in the trash, ya know?

So when my friend Linda found a brand-new box of wedding stationary at a thrift store for a glorious $13, I happily walked that sucker down the aisle (…#sorrynotsorry) to the register.

Upside: aside from postage and printer ink, that’s all we spent on paper goods.
Downside: the above statement is a lie. We also spent a good deal of sweat, tears, and mental anguish 😉

Take this past weekend, for instance. With three weeks left until The Day, we still had to make little info-cards to give our guests.

The front side printed just fine. After the first very-messed-up test sheet, it went perfectly.

Then came the reverse side: table assignments.

Those seemed to print perfectly, too. I was thrilled, gushing to my fiance how much I liked them. They were all customized to each guest, which is something we couldn’t have done as easily if we ordered them online.

With our Hobbit/LOTR-themed wedding, the cards declared: “For the wedding feast, you will dine in the land of —” and we filled in the name of each table. Gondor. The Shire. Rohan.

As I got ready to print the last batch for the final table, I looked at the text again.

And I found a typo.

I was mortified. Everything had to be printed again – including the front side, because the table assignments were on the reverse.

I almost cried. But eventually, I realized honestly it really wasn’t a big deal to reprint. We had just enough extra sheets of stationary to do them all over again. And 30 minutes later: Done.

If we’d ordered stationary online, and I’d made a typo like that, we likely couldn’t fix it.
Moral of the story, there’s a lot to be said for DIY paper goods. Easily customizable. Easily mess-up-able, yes. But thankfully, also easily fixable.

And even though they’ll end up in the recycling bin, that’s ok! I think they, and all the rest of the printed thingies, are still a nice, thoughtful touch for guests who are driving so far to spend their weekend with us. I’m quite happy with this 🙂

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