sketchbook: my first *actual* book cover

Dion Trumpin book (2)
I bought the book!

There are some coworkers you collaborate well with.

One such person I know would insist I rephrase that as: “coworkers you collab well with.”

Because he might not actually be a hipster, but by golly he’ll talk like one. (totes ironically, though.)

Enter Marc Munroe Dion, stage left. Or stage right. I’m really not sure which direction he’s gonna come from, most days. But whichever direction or angle he does come from, it usually turns into a fantastic project idea.

He turned up with a fantastic project idea even when I was stuck at home recovering from back surgery a few months ago.

See, in addition to being a kick-ass reporter at my newspaper, he’s also a nationally syndicated columnist. And as such, from time to time he publishes a collection of several of his columns in Kindle-form. And for said collection, he needed a book cover.

Enter me, stage the-other-side.

He had a general idea, and asked if I could draw up a draft so he could show it to his publishers.

But it’s me. So I gave him two drafts instead of one. The resulting response went something like, and I quote his email: “You’re a damn genius.”

And he asked if I might want to go beyond just a draft, and refine it to the actual design, used on the actual book. Um, yeah!!!

Fast forward several months, and as of last night, the book is legit. It’s an actual thing on Amazon. (Meep!!!)

I showed it to my fiance last night, and he asked if my name is in it. I looked. It is.

“This should be your next blog post,” he told me.

And here we are, folks.

As Marc would say, in hipster-speak: “Totes deck*.”

*”deck,” for us non-hipster types, means “cool.” How Marc knows this, I don’t bother asking.

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