wedding: brushes, and a then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband

blg-weirdnessI have a bad habit of buying stuff that I never end up using. Clothes. Gadgets. Rosetta Stone Spanish (I’ll get to that SOMEDAY Jessie! Promise!).

And a set of bamboo ink brushes. I got them sometime during my senior year of college.

That was seven years ago.

All this time, those brushes have sat, still in the packaging, in my art drawer. They moved with me from my parents’ house, to my first apartment, to my boyfriend’s house, to the apartment I now share with that then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband.

Never used them.

Then we started planning the wedding, and the need for calligraphic signs came up. (Note to future brides: I don’t think this is a normal need, unless the bride is a graphic designer and/or the wedding is Hobbit-themed.)

And those brushes finally found their purpose.

As I used them for the first time, I learned there’s something oddly satisfying about calligraphy.

So far, I’ve done about a half dozen signs.

One of them was even on wood – which, when hammered together, lost its bottom edge 🙂 (I say it made it look less geometric, so it was a happy accident!)

Another is one of my favorite quotes of all time, what Arwen (elf princess) says to Aragorn (human): “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”

Another simply acknowledges our mutual weirdness.

And I used those brushes for all of them. After all this time, I’m glad I held on to them. It just took a wedding to my then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband (sorry, I like the way that sounds) to get me to see that they’re kinda cool.

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