sketchbook: an excuse to draw at work

Rain put a damper on most of May and June this year.

I blame my friend Marc for getting me into trouble a lot.

And almost always, that trouble involves an extra project at the newspaper we work at. Luckily, said projects tend to fall into the “brilliant and mostly fun” category.

This time, though, I did it to myself. I was the one who asked my boss if I could draw editorial cartoons for the paper.

Marc, however, has done his part to hold me to that. He writes the editorials, I draw the pictures to go with them. When I got back from the honeymoon, I had it in my mind to slack off for a bit, but nope! Marc manages to regularly find his way over to my desk and ask if I maybe have any free time to illustrate.

“I’m not your boss, I can’t make you do things, so you tell me if you don’t have time,” he says.

Sometimes I do tell him I can’t. But usually, I try. Hey, it gives me an excuse to draw while I’m at work — there’s no downside here.

So here’s a little backlog of the edtoons from the past few weeks. They make more sense when accompanying the editorial they were meant to run alongside, but I hope they stand on their own too, at least a little.

(Oh and a little fun fact – my signature changes between two last names, because the wedding happened in the middle 🙂 )

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