Let’s try this again

Facebook ads.

If you ever dare show even a REMOTE interest in something that pops up on your newsfeed, good luck. That ad will not leave you alone ever again. Ever. For the rest of eternity.

My daily mission, should I choose to accept it: Wake up. Seek coffee. Draw more.

I’ve made that mistake a few times. (Thank you, no, I swear I really don’t want that cheap dress that will fit me like a plastic bag hung over a mailbox. Please leave me alone.) But recently, there’s been one ad that I told myself I’d get around to actually trying someday.
It’s basically an online school, a bunch of video classes taught by professionals in their field. Including art stuff.

A lot of art stuff.

Usually the ad touts a one-month free trial for new subscribers. But last week, glory be, it offered TWO months. Two months free, of all sorts of graphic design, marketing, illustration classes and a bunch more. Okay, fine. Sold. Sign me up.

My art partner who doubles as my inspiration and source material. Well, one of them, anyway.

I’ve listened to a few classes so far, and if nothing else, it’s inspirational. Seeing what all these designers have done and the successes they’ve had, made me want to refocus on my art, and how it’s important to me. And also maybe, just maybe, to branch out a little beyond my comfort zone.

For the past few months, my primary artistic outlet has been illustrating for my stepmomming column — which is great, and keeps me drawing, but I want to do more.
So I’m writing this blog today, to try to get back into a routine. Maybe I can post more. Maybe I can draw more. Maybe I can even market my drawings to be a side hustle. Who knows.

But I’m gonna set some goals, and I’m gonna try to stick to them.

It’s too late in 2018 to be a New Year’s resolution, but it’s never to late to make a personal resolution.

Life is what you make it. I’m gonna see what I can make mine.

I meant that to be an iced coffee but I guess it could be any chilly beverage. (I’m just personally partial to the caffeinated variety)


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