It’s a flat-out falsehood, really

Every day, I tell myself a lie.

“This’ll only take a minute.”

Every. Day.

Every day, I underestimate how much time I’ll end up spending on “This.”

One of the new things I’m trying is adding text (and color!) to my Scribbles the Cat drawings.
My new Instagram profile picture!

Sketching an illustration, crafting an Instagram post, writing a blog (why won’t my browser load?!!!…), folding the laundry, driving to work. (I do live 30 miles away, so I suppose that last one would be suspicious… still waiting for teleportation to become a thing.)

Why do I never learn? Things. Take. Time.

Particularly, for example, defining my personal brand. I’ve been spending a lot of focus lately* on developing this.  (…*Since last week, anyway.)

What kind of artist am I, anyway?

Graphic designer? Illustrator? Layout artist?

What name do I use?

Emely Varosky? Evaro? Scribbles The Cat? (I’m serious, it’s the character I illustrate)

How do I theme my Instagram page?

What’s my “target demographic”?

What’s my style?

What’s my message?



I tackle these things like I can solve them in a weekend. And I’m learning that I probably can’t – if for no other reason than that it’s already taken, um, twice that … and not close to done.

Just like I can’t drive a 30-mile commute in 60 seconds. (Yet! Still pulling for that teleportation thing.)

These things have a pace. But I’ll get there eventually, so long as I keep that foot on the gas pedal. And that pencil on the paper.

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