From an annoying young whippersnapper

During my attempt at a run yesterday, I passed an elderly couple jogging together.

Sometimes I need a little motivation…

They must have been in their 70s. And (at the risk of sounding like an annoying young whippersnapper) it was really, really adorable.

I wasn’t sure how to tell them so WITHOUT sounding like an annoying young whippersnapper, but I also didn’t want to run right on by.

So I slowed down next to them, and smiled: “I hope my husband and I are like you guys when we get older!” And ran off.

(I’m not sure how they took it, but I hope it was okay.)

I like finding things that inspire me, that give me new goals to work toward. Those stories you see about grandmother weightlifters, and elderly guys getting into the best shape of their lives? Those inspire me. They remind me that, quite simply:

Life is what you make it.

It’s the same with art. Setting goals to work toward will help keep me on track, so I can take the steps to get there. For example, if my goal is to get my illustrations out in front of a bigger audience, my steps could be to:

  1. actually CREATE more art (one a day? like the ones below)
  2. write at least one blog post a week
  3. be active on Instagram

There’s a ton of things clamoring in my brain for attention. (It would really help sometimes if said brain came with a “mute” feature.) Sorting through all those, narrowing down my focus, will be much easier if I can lay out specific goals.

In my honors class in college, we were supposed to write our our 10-year plan for our lives. At the time, I thought it was stupid. Life is gonna be what it’s gonna be, right?

More recently, my friend Jessie told me how she was making a timeline for getting her Ph.D. I thought a timeline was stupid. Life is gonna be what it’s gonna be, right?

Not really, actually. It took me til age 29, but I think I finally get it.

Sure, life’s gonna be something, as long as you keep waking up in the morning.

But if you want life to be yours, MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

Find that inspiration.

Write out that 5-, 10-, 20-year plan for yourself.

Figure out what you want your life to look like — art-wise, fitness-wise, business-wise, adventure-wise.

Then make it happen.

And maybe someday, you’ll be someone else’s inspiration, like that jogging couple was for me.

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