What belongs on my business card

J.K. Rowling. Taylor Swift. Johnny Depp. You see their names and you think of one thing they’re known for.

And then there’s me and you.

There’s a lot of things going on in my brain.


Name one thing you’d be known for — no more than one, no less than one. In a single word/phrase, answer the question: “Who am I?”

It’s trickier than I thought it’d be. And that’s why I haven’t made myself a business card yet: I’m honestly not sure what angle to take for it, because Em Varosky is actually a bunch of things.

  • Graphic designer. Illustrator. Writer.
  • New wife + stepmom.
  • Crazy cat lady (we have FIVE fluffs!).
  • Coffee / Fitness / Food / Travel / Fantasy nut.
  • Bargain hunter / coupon clipper / general cheapskate.
  • Millennial. Introvert.

I’m all these things, and that’s just what I can think of at this particular moment. If you make your own list, you’re a lot of things, too.

No one is one thing. But if you think of super successful folks — household names — aren’t they usually associated with a single overarching trait? Author. Singer. Actor.

As a mere mortal, I’m definitely not more talented than those people. So why do I feel like I have so many more interests than just the single one like they’re known for?

I think it’s important to narrow it down, though, for two reasons;

  1. Giving effort to too many things means you’re (most likely) not able to give enough effort to any one of them
  2. Mixing messages is hard for people to pinpoint what your strengths are (and what they could, hypothetically, hire you for)

So my plan for the the next few weeks is to look at those traits I listed, and figure out what combination of them to focus on. What I could even put onto a business card. It almost feels like math (shudder).

(marketable trait) + (quirk) = project / identity

illustrator + crazy cat lady = most of my drawings lately
writer + stepmom + new wife = weekly stepmomming column
writer + fantasy nut = novel I’m working on
graphic designer + millennial = full-time job as a layout editor

Those are things I am now. But how many “identities” am I supposed to have?

Even on this website, my homepage needs some serious redirection, and I know it. (I enjoy photography. But let’s be real, I’m not a photographer, so WHY is “Photography” a portion of my portfolio?)

I’ll get there. I’ll figure out a direction, and what to actually call myself. And hey, maybe I’ll even come out of this with a business card.

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