I guess I can draw a witch. Who knew?

Yep, that would qualify as a witch.

Do you ever surprise yourself?

Not like, show up after work with a pumpkin spice latte as a self-reward for getting through a particularly Monday-ish Wednesday. No, I mean do something that you didn’t expect you could do.

For me, that happens literally every time I draw something that doesn’t suck, or that I dare to consider “good.”

There’s plenty of times I have to rush through something, whether a layout at work, or an #inktober illustration that I’m trying to sneak in before midnight because I’ve already slacked the past week straight (sad face). They’re not necessarily “good,” but “good enough.” I don’t like myself for it, but sometimes I have to just move on to the next thing (because there’s always a next thing).

But then, there are times like this week, that take me by surprise.

For a Halloween-themed article, my boss plopped a paper on my desk describing an old Fall River legend, the Crone of the Quequechan [QUICK-a-shan].

“Can you draw a witch?” she asked.

Well, sure, I can draw a witch. I’m not sure how “good” it’ll look, but it’ll probably hit the “good enough” benchmark.

Pencil to paper, I started sketching visual notes as I read the description. “Blood-shot eyes flashing fire … a nose of uncommon magnitude … chin covered with several huge tufts of long gray hair…”


And as the picture pieced together beneath the graphite tip, I got more and more excited.

My style is usually cute (and also notably not human). This was a little bit different.

And to my unending surprise, it … didn’t … suck. I’m not sure if “good” is the word, but it actually looked like a legit illustration, not some haphazard sketch by a wannabe artist over her lunch break.

Confidence is not a strong suit of mine. I always expect my work to settle at “good enough.”

Maybe I should start owning the fact that as an artist, I might actually … not … suck.

And in my little corner of Illustrationdom, I might, just might, even be “good.”

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