Where are you going, exactly?

“Where do you picture yourself in ten years?”

Lately I’ve been ALL ABOUT motivational podcasts and online classes and Facebook groups, and they all ask the same thing: What’s your “why”? What motivates you? What’s your ultimate goal for your life?

And sure, I want to “do more with my art” (whatever that means) and “publish my book.”
But what’s my “why,” my reason?

You have to know WHERE you want to go in order to GET there.

Yes, I’m “doing more with my art” by hosting an art show and being active on Instagram.

Cool. But then what?

Yes, I’m adding to my novel as often as possible.

Cool. But then what?

What am I looking for from all this?

Where do I picture myself in ten years?

I don’t realistically (or even un-realistically) picture myself retired without a care in ten years. I’m 30 years old right now. My husband is 39. He has kids. We’re not retiring in 10 years.

So what DO I think I want?

Last week, I got a glimpse of my answer.

Monday was a holiday for me. I slept in til 6, hit the gym, then worked on some art show stuff til my husband woke up.

We went for coffee, just he and I, and it was glorious. We’ve actually never done that on a non-vacation day before, ever, not even on a weekend.

Then we went home, and worked the rest of the day — him from his basement office (he didn’t have the day off), and me from the living room (ALL the art-show stuff needed to get done).

And it was perfect.

And I realized, that’s what I want. I want to spend more time with him in the mornings (presently I’m out of the house by 5:30 a.m.) I want to focus more on the creation of art rather than quantity-over-quality repetition. I want freedom of time and location, so I can be anywhere getting my work done when it suits me best.

That’s my goal now.

Realistic? I don’t know. But it’s a goal.

I have to know WHERE I want to go in order to GET there.

I think maybe I have a better idea of that now.

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