Talking to humans (#introvertproblems)

There’s one thing I forgot to plan for my art shows.

First my first-ever solo one, now my first studio one (which has an encore weekend Dec. 7 to 9, btw!).

Sure, you need the art. Then you need the place. (Or you can get the place first and then cram the art, if you’re like, um, some people…)

You need to attempt to promote the whole thing, which is kind of uncomfortable. But you can handle it (sort of).

You write a blog and post to Instagram and update your Stories and aim for half-decent photography of your work and your setup.

But then, there’s the thing you forgot. 

You have to talk to these things called humans.

No big deal, right?

Except you’re me. And “me” doesn’t do “talking to humans” all that well. 

Sometimes hiding is easier than talking to people…

Of course, it depends on the human, and the type of talking. But for an art show, those humans are strangers, and the talking is of the self-promotion/please-buy-my-stuff type.



To put in perspective how much I dislike talking to people: Once I hopped in line at a coffee shop, I ran into a coworker of mine. While I had no problem talking to him, he was already in a conversation with two other folks he knew.

He introduced us all, and then — I just stood there. They talked, I smiled and nodded, and stood there.

When we all finally got to the end of the line, ordered our coffees, and parted ways, I turned to my friend and said, “Please don’t ever do that to me again. Next time, just pretend you don’t know me.”

That’s my approach to socialization in a nutshell. #introvertproblems

But that’s the world of being “a creative,” right? You can’t spend all your time just being creative. You have to do business.

You have to network. You have to market. You have to self-promote. You have to research strategies, selling opportunities and what hashtags to use on Instagram.

Plus roughly 1.721 million other things I haven’t even realized yet.

Mainly, you have to talk to people.


But there’s only one way to get better, so I just gotta keep at it. And maybe next time, cut my coworker some slack if he says hi to me in a coffee shop.


The Mad Dog Holiday sale


• Friday (Dec. 7): noon to 7:30 p.m.
• Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 8-9): 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(I’ll be there for a bit on Friday!)


Mad Dog Artist Studios, 65 Blackstone Ave., Pawtucket, R.I.

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