My online shop is OPEN!

I don’t particularly like home improvement stores.

If I have to go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot, I prefer it to be for fun accessory-type things, not large (commitment-heavy) construction-y things. In those stores, though, there’s this one aisle with accessories that I always thought was cool: The one with little signs used by small businesses. 

Signs with hours. Exit signs. And the most important one: “Open” signs.

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I thought it’d be cute being a small business owner, coming in to choose which signs to add to your store. Those are the little bonus things in life.

The little bonus things are the most fun, in my opinion. And generally require less commitment than the big, heavy things.

Art is the same way.

Paintings or pieces you put on your wall can feel like a big, heavy thing — like a commitment. And it can be more intimidating because, well, it’s “Art” [insert snobbish tone here].

But “Art” doesn’t have to come with a capital A and the weight of a lofty reputation.

It can also come with the relatable personality of a notebook cover, or the comfort of your favorite coffee mug.

That’s why I’m excited to say — while I don’t actually need a physical “Open” sign from the home improvement store —

I’m opening an online shop!

Maybe you don’t want a drawing of Scribbles the Cat framed in your living room — but a tote bag might be cool. Or Wiggles the Octopus on a coffee mug. Or Prickles the Cactus on a zippered pouch.

That can happen now!

Check out my shops on

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where you can browse my designs on all sorts of cool accessory-type things, without the commitment of a piece of “Art.”

I’m uploading new (and back-logged) designs each week, so check back often! 

Thanks for reading!

The travel coffee mugs are my favorite (and they make great gifts, too!)

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