My art — in BOSTON!

Somehow, we’re halfway through January. One minute you’re getting ready for Christmas, then POOF! You’re staring February in the face.

But this isn’t entirely a bad thing, because:

On Jan. 30, I’m in a BOSTON art show!


It’s hosted by Conception Arts, who puts on art shows all over the country — New York, Chicago, L.A. and, apparently, my home state’s capital.

I got applied, got accepted, and now it’s a thing that is happening.

Check out my profile HERE (don’t worry about buying tickets, just drop me a note if you want to come! We’ve got you covered) and take a peek at the other artists as well!

Stop by and say hi!

WHEN:  Jan. 30 (yes, that’s a Wednesday), from 5 to 9 p.m.

WHERE: Guilt, 79 Warrenton Street, Boston (did I mention it’s IN BOSTON?)

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