Someday my prints will come

Apologies to Snow White, but I’ve been singing this refrain all week.

Ah, my prints! I’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival — and they made it! Just in time for my art show (TONIGHT!)

I’ve never ordered art prints before. At least, not legit ones. I kept thinking — why bother wasting the money up front? I can just keep re-creating originals, they’d cost me less, and I can charge more for them.

But after a while, a girl does get bored with redrawing the same images…

So: Prints it is!

The hardest part by far — for fine art stuff — is photographing the originals, and editing them properly.

(I still had some disappointment in one of the final prints because I didn’t like how I’d edited the photo. Sadness.)

But if you can get past those bothersome steps, prints can actually be pretty exciting (at least, to open up when they arrive in the mail!)

I’m hoping that if visitors at the art show tonight are intimidated by the idea of purchasing original art, then prints can seem like a more accessible option? Worth a try, right?

Now to price them … but that’s another story 🙂

WHAT:  Conception Arts Show

WHEN:  TONIGHT (Jan. 30), from 5 to 9 p.m.

WHERE: Guilt, 79 Warrenton Street, Boston

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