I survived a Boston art show

Life doesn’t suck.

The Conception Arts show in Boston last week didn’t suck, either.

Actually, it was pretty amazing. Terrifying, yes. But amazing.

The best part was seeing people’s expressions when they saw my display. So many faces broke out into a smile when they walked by. If nothing else, that alone was a success.

If I can make one person smile with my drawings, then my job here is complete. 

That’s what’s written on my Illustration portfolio page.

And I hit that mark, and then some.

But that wasn’t all. People did stop to talk to me, which was both terrifying and exhilarating. Everyone was just so freaking nice.

NOT JUST ABOUT DOLLARS: A little baby girl excitedly pointed at my paintings when her mom brought her over. I asked the mom if she liked unicorns, and gave her one of my stickers that was for sale. “This is her first sticker ever,” her mom said.

INTROVERTS UNITE: My neighbor on one side, Kate of Poured Soul Art, was a fellow introvert, but we managed to encourage each other throughout the night, which helped keep me motivated.

NEGOTIATE?: One girl (wearing a baseball cap with “Meow” embroidered on it!!!) came back multiple times before deciding on three snuggly-kitty drawings. I suck at negotiating, but I happily gave her a discount for getting all three.

SNOW SHMO: Two awesome friends came all the way to Boston for this (did I mention it was snowing and freeeeeezing cold outside? #polarvortex) and boosted my spirits incredibly. (Thanks guys!)

MY FAVORITE HOOMAN: I know we’re supposed to sayyyy we support each other in All The Things, but my husband really truly does. AND he didn’t even judge my dancing skills (or severe lack thereof) as I shuffled and wiggled along to the DJ music. ♡

THE BEST PART: Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? A big, intimidating guy in a leather jacket and a bandana walked over to my display. Now, I assume my target audience is female. I mean, I’m drawing cute, snuggly kitty cats, right? That’s about as opposite of “badass” as you can get.

But this guy, who was very much “badass,” stopped in front of my space, and broke out into a grin. We started talking, and by the time he left, he had bought a pink-and-purple painting of Skribbles reading a book.

Not only that, but later he came back with his fellow badass tattoo-artist friend, to show him my work. (And to buy another painting, this time a purple one of Skribbles lifting weights.)

Not bad, for my first night in Boston?

I mean, I’m still awkward, and it’s still absolutely terrifying to talk to other humans, but once I get over the first few hurdles, it’s actually kind of … fun.

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