Octopus on the rocks

That sounds like it should be a drink of some kind, “Octopus on the rocks.”

But nope! I mean an actual rock, and a drawing of an octopus. Because you can never have too many different canvases, right?

These little guys will be at my table at the Bristol County Home & Garden Show, where I’ll also be doing a live painting, on Saturday, March 30, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I designed this layout with some fun info about the show — including stuff about my husband’s music (Musical Nature), my live painting, AND the scavenger hunt I’m putting together!

But truth be told, these rocks almost didn’t make it home.

See, they’ve been personally imported all the way from exotic Branson, Missouri, where I went with my husband on a business trip.

Normally, when people go on a trip, they bring home souvenirs like a magnet or a keychain. Me? Well …

We were walking along a lake after the conference was done, and I saw tons of these beautiful rocks strewn along the shore. So Geoff and I carried as many as we could uncomfortably fit in our hands, back to the car, and stuffed them into my suitcase.

When that suitcase went through the baggage security scanner at the airport not long after, it got flagged to be inspected. Yep, because of the rocks. The scanner didn’t know what to make of these weird angular shapes hidden inside the bag.

“Is it okay if I keep them?” I asked the security officer when she opened the bag and saw what was inside.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “it’s totally fine —

I’ve just never seen anybody try to take rocks home before.”

So there you have it, folks. Em Varosky, blazing new trails through the Land of Odd since, well, at least a couple weeks ago.

So come check these rocks out for yourself on Saturday! They traveled a long way to get here.

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