Making a scavenger hunt (woot!)

“Jack came over to me and said, ‘You need to see the scavenger hunt Emely put together!’ And I said, ‘I’m sure it’s great — Emely never does anything half-heartedly.'”

That’s what my boss told me, after I’d showed my scavenger hunt project to my coworkers (including Jack).

I appreciated their enthusiasm for the project — and I’m even more excited for kids to actually do it — TOMORROW!

When I found out I’d be having a booth at the Bristol County Home & Garden Show, I figured —

if my stepkids were gonna visit me there, I wanted to have an activity they (and any other kids!) could be entertained with.

And while yes, I’ll also have coloring pages like these, my stepkids aren’t really into that…

But one thing they love, at 7 and 12 years old, most definitely is scavenger hunts.

So I hatched a plan. I’ll be hiding numbered illustrations around the auditorium, each labeled with a different word. When the kids find a word, they add it to their scavenger sheet — to fill in missing pieces of a little story about Skribbles the Cat and her friends!

The scavenger hunt sheet that kids will have to fill out, once they find the words (top) hidden around the auditorium!

AND it uses several illustrations from my stepmomming column! So not only is it a fun activity, but it hints at my products, my articles, my husband’s music, my newspaper, other businesses that will be at the event …

Boom: activity, engagement, and marketing, all in one.

I figure, even if my stepkids are the only children that show up to do it, at least they’ll have fun. And that will be worth it 🙂 (I’m sooooo excited!)


Saturday, March 30, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

ADMISSION (and scavenger hunt): FREE!


Bristol County Home & Garden Show, 251 Stonehaven Road, Fall River.

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