Etsy, baby goats, and the Energizer Bunny

No, I’m not the Energizer Bunny.

But there was this cute video on Facebook of a sleepy dog surrounded by really bouncy baby goats (yes, adorables), and a friend commented:

“We have all been that dog. Everyone but Em. She is always a goat.”

CLICK HERE because I tried embedding the video and it isn’t working 😦

Which is not always true.

I’m the dog plenty of times. But presently, I do kinda feel like a goat. Or the Energizer Bunny. At least, as far as my art goes.

I just keep going and going…

Which brings me to my latest thing:


Yeppers, I’m on there now too!

I needed a place to sell my original art (as opposed to my print-on-demand stuff on Society6 and Zazzle), and Etsy is the natural choice.

Presently this is what’s up on my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP!

Still a work in progress getting my designs up there, but I’ll get there! I mean, you’ve gotta get somewhere if you just keep going and going and going…

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