If I wasn’t so busy with clients, I’d have time to find clients

Aside from talking to humans, my biggest fear about going full-steam ahead in this art gig, is finding humans to talk to.

Clients, I suppose you’d call them. How do you find clients?

How do you find people who want to pay for art?

It isn’t like I make functional, necessary things for the continuation of life.

I make things look pretty.

The world can live without pretty things, can’t it?

[I’ll keep this post short because I have four different projects that people are expecting me to turn in soon]

Anyway, as I was saying, how do you even begin to find clients?

[Seriously though, I have a bunch of work to do.

  • A professor from college asked me to design a tattoo for him
  • My chiropractor has ordered TWO paintings
  • A local charity organization reached out for a logo
  • My columnist friend needs a cover design for his upcoming book.
  • Not to mention several designs other friends have asked me to upload so they can purchase a mug or T-shirt. AND I’m just recovering from finishing a large commissioned painting for another friend.]

It’s a decent amount of work, but I have to get it done, because these folks are paying me to.

So between all these projects, how does one have time to find clients?


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