“Don’t worry, I’ll remember”: Why artists don’t make the best accountants

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember.”

^^^ one of the lies I tell myself ^^^

Do you tell yourself that? You know you should write something down, leave a note, make a reminder on your phone — but “NO!” you say. After all, you’re better than that. You got a brain like a steel trap, dontcha know. How could you forget a thing like that?

Then suddenly, oh look —you forgot.


My latest iteration of this relates to money. Particularly as it relates to my little EmVaro Designs venture here.

Since Day 1, my husband (God bless him) has told me to keep track of expenses and income.

“Oh I’ll get around to it,” I tell him. And then comes the lie:

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember.”

Oh, foolish me.

I can say foolish me, because finally, FINALLY, after dabbling in this fledgling side hustle for eight months, I’ve sat my little self down and built an expense spreadsheet / budget / thing.

And all that stuff I swore I’d remember?

Shocker, I’ve forgotten.

Even the things I thought FOR SURE would stick in my brain — like what paintings I sold at which events.

You’d think that’d be pretty memorable, right?
I mean, they’re my paintings.
My babies.
I’d remember when one of them found a home.

But nope, out of my brain they have flown.

And that was only from a handful of months ago.

Well, lesson learned.

With my new spreadsheet in tow, no better time to start than the present! (Yay Google Doc templates)

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