Artspiration: Arizona

I’ve cried over a cactus before. 

It was a cartoon of a sad cactus holding a sign that offered “free hugs.” But nobody would hug him, because he was prickly.

How sad is that??? (It doesn’t take much to get me teary-eyed.)

But since that day, I’ve been on a mission to make happier cacti. 

So I draw them. And traveling to Arizona to visit my friend earlier this year inundated me with SO MUCH inspiration.

Cacti are literally everywhere. 


Getting to see cacti (and awesome succulents!) on a morning run, eating at a restaurant, sightseeing or even just walking out the front door was mindblowing to this Massachusetts girl.

SUCH a different landscape than New England. They don’t have much grass, or forests full of leafy trees — but wow do they have prickly things!

One prickly pear cactus we found even had a heart on it!

I was so happy my friend and her husband gave me an excuse to come see all this awesomeness — so I painted a watercolor to give them (below).

I also turned my cactus, who I’ve named Prickles, into a few products in my Society6 shop!

I realize hugging a cactus is still risky business. But it was still amazing to be surrounded by them.

I hope they feel the love.

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