So I designed a tattoo

Yep, an actual legit tattoo.

One of my favorite professors from college reached out a few months ago, with some awesome ideas to combine in a small piece for a meaningful occasion:

  • Family – the most important thing
  • Doctorate – he’s dedicated his life to education
  • Ironman triathlon – he’s dedicated to health and fitness
  • Lebanon – to honor his grandparents, especially one of them who came to this country at age 14 to start a new life

After a few drafts —

— he chose the first design, with a few changes. I offered a few options for colors and styles:

And in the end, it turned into this:

Which then turned into this:

He said asking me to design it factored into the meaning behind the tattoo as well — in his words:

“to thank Lasell [College] for all of the wonderful students we have.” 🙂

Thank YOU to that particular professor for the opportunity! It was a great experience.

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