My first shot at a picture-perfect(ish) bridal shower

When you’re in a wedding party — say, a bridesmaid — how do you pitch in? What’s the craziest, most out-of-your-comfort-zone thing a bride has asked you to do?

Buy flowers, organize a bachelorette party, help with the decorations?

I ask because for my best friend’s bridal shower, her maid of honor asked me to pitch in. Not with the planning or the speaking-in-front-of-people part (thankfully!) —

She asked for pictures.

Admittedly, I do love photography. I just haven’t done an event before. I usually draw or, ya know, make logos for a T-shirt for everyone at the bachelorette weekend to wear (there was a photo of us in those shirts AT the bridal shower!).

But I gave the photography thing a try —
and it was so much fun!

The bride was gorgeous …

The venue was gorgeous …

And yes — the groom was gorgeous, too.
(He’d want me to say that.)

There were gifts and group shots.

Thankfully, the lighting was perfect, and the weather cooperated beautifully for family photos outdoors (… aside from the wind…).

I gotta say, I loved my first shot at “event” photography! (and I loved the people I was shooting it for, which made it even better)

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