How exactly do you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m — a mama of five cats (my husband says we can’t have any more).

Hi, I’m — a stepmom of two small humans and wife of (one) full-sized one.

Hi, I’m — an artist with 10 years’ experience and 10 different interests (illustration graphic designphotographywriting) and I’m figuring out how to pull said interests into one cohesive business.

Hi, I’m — terrified of talking to people, but excited to try All The Things — THIS BUSINESS being one of them! (which … involves talking to people? Eh, I’ll survive — y’all aren’t THAT scary)

Hi, I’m — trying to balance being “relatable” and being … tooooo honest?

All of the above is true. → Particularly the part about my life revolving around ART. ← I love working on new projects, and can’t wait to work with you on yours!

(Click here for custom work and here to see some ready-to-purchase art!)

Hi, I’m — Em <3

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