If you have a cat (or know someone else’s), you’re quite aware that they get into ALL sorts of places. Skribbles the Cat and her friends are no different.

ONLINE, they’re hiding out on:


This is the handmade, one-of-a-kind stuff, like these here. (With free shipping over $35, by the way!) Go ahead, click on these images for more info.


Want an iced beverage tumbler and Tshirt? Greeting card, spiral notebook, and even (apparently) a clipboard? Zazzle is home to a whole BUNCH of print-on-demand products.

And Society6

We a bit faaancy on this one! Everything here is great quality (insulated travel mugs that will keep your drink hot for HOURS? yes) and there’s lots to choose from.

In person…

Skribbles’ mama (that’s me!) has plans to get her into shops around the SouthCoast like:

  • Pink Bean (Fall River & Somerset)
  • Blend Cafe (Somerset)
  • Frog & Toad (Providence)

And possibly more — but at the moment, these are just dreams, and I’m writing them down, so hopefully I can pressure myself into making them more concrete (soon, Self? Get on that, will you?).

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