Cold days — and Christmas decorations on Etsy


That’s Providence’s low temp today. (yipes!) Cold enough for you yet, November?

Though I guess it does feel more winter-y with that kind of weather, which leads us to more Christmas-y vibes, too —

Vibes which were on full display at the Festival of Trees last weekend, a fundraiser for Forever Paws Animal Shelter.

Raising funds for kitty cats.

How could I say no to that?

To help out, I donated a little Skribbles The Cat tree, to be raffled off at the event.

Me being me, I labeled everything on the tree, so people voting for it would know exactly what they were getting.

AND — some of the decorations have found their way into my Etsy store! (I’m trying to be better about listing stuff, I really am)

So for everyone else who didn’t win that tree, you can still get a card or ornament for your own tree! (or as an awesome gift for someone else’s tree!)

Hand-cut, handpainted wood slice ornaments

Original holiday card designs

Let the holiday season get (even more) underway!

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