Sometimes that One (cat-approved) Thing is enough

I did a thing this weekend.

… Literally one thing.

All. Weekend.

I sat my sweatpants-and-fluffy-socks self down in the living room (surrounded by cats), and barely moved all weekend —


Editing and filling gaps in eight chapters of a second book I’m writing.

All. Weekend.

Yes, it was our non-kid weekend in the custody rotation with my stepkids, and my husband and I had two full days to ourselves. Which meant, I could do anything. (I like the feeling of knowing I have all options open to me.)

The trouble with TOO MANY options, though, often means NONE of them get done.

Not this weekend.

This weekend, ONE of them did.

One Thing doesn’t sound like much, though. I mean, heck, I had 48 HOURS — I could have done SO MANY THINGS.

Sure, I probably could have worked faster. I probably could have written more intentionally and focused better. #storyofmylife

But the fact remains:

I did a thing… Even if it’s only One Thing.

It’s something that wasn’t Done before.

(And in this particular case, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for months if not years.)

Actually, the best I’d hoped for was to finish writing one scene and fixing the fourth chapter. But I got in a groove, and made it through FOUR MORE to Chapter 8.

That’s NINETY-SIX 8.5×11 sheets of paper, by the way.

46,161 words.

That isn’t nothing,

Yes, I feel kind of spoiled as I get up this Monday morning, looking back on a weekend that I had the luxury of sleeping in, then sitting surrounded by cats ALL. DAY. LONG. (except for my morning workouts, which I did still sneak in) and re-reading and writing, just because I felt like finally getting around to it.

Four of my five furbabies kept me company.

I wasn’t up at the crack of dawn, busting my a$$ to get a hundred things done and stressed out the whole time.

At some point during the weekend, I came to terms with the fact that this one wasn’t going to be a mind-blowingly productive weekend for me.

And I was okay with that.

Sometimes you need those kinds of weekends too, if you’re lucky enough to have the chance at them.

I know I have several friends whose weekends looked very different from mine. And part of me feels a little guilty that I didn’t DO more.

But I did what I needed to.

I didn’t do a hundred things, but I did end up with ninety-six pages of edited text.

And also lots of cat selfies.

Thanks for reading! I post a new blog every Monday — art ones every other week, and stepmomming ones on the weeks between.

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