How to Introvert: 9 tips for social-distancing (Part I)

Everyone’s kinda freaking out. Panic in the streets — (er, panic keeping everybody OFF the streets?)

Yes, everyone’s an introvert now.

For those of us who’ve had lots of practice introverting, we actually welcome the sudden cultural approval of staying home with our thoughts and coffee (and cats).

Here are some ideas of how we’ve survived for so long, and how you can keep from being bored if you, too, are stuck at home:


A letter. A novel. An email. A journal entry. A poem. A song. A D&D role-play adventure.


Check out Camp NaNoWriMo if you’re looking for motivation! Although National Novel Writing Month is officially November, the nonprofit also hosts a month-long (online!) camp in, conveniently, April. Set a word-count goal, and get writing!


If you’ve stocked up, awesome! If not (or even if you have), try these 26 ideas from Spoon University to get creative with what’s in your pantry.


Even if you can’t see your favorite humans face to face, these days lots of people have video chat options. Say hi to someone — or make a phone call! (It’s okay, even us introverts can do it!)


See cool cultural stuff — from your couch! Travel+Leisure lists a dozen famous museums around the world that offer virtual tour options (the British Museum is really cool).

Earlier this year, 14 Paris museums placed 100,000 works of art online for free download, as well — by artists like Monet, Rembrandt and Cézanne.


Of course an introvert would say this: Find a book and curl up with a mug of coffee or tea.


👉FICTION: Confession … I love tortured-hero stories. The more heartwrenching the backstory, the better. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a master of the tragic hero arc, and she’s written over FIFTY scifi and vampire romances.

👉BONUS FICTION: Speaking of tortured-hero stories — if you’re looking for something new to read, check out the first two chapters of “Trythian” here fo’ free! 🙂 (It’s a novel I’ve written — think, “Princess Bride” meets “Star Wars”)

The class you’re born in, is the class you die in. Trythian society is very strict on that point. As an Ender, Kierah Kaelen knows she’ll never be viewed as anything more than a gutter rat.

But she dares to hope anyway — at least until other Enders start disappearing. One by one, they vanish. And the day her best friend becomes one of the missing, Kierah’s life changes in ways she could never have imagined.

Ethan DeMarc had been an Ender, too. Once. But that was a lifetime ago. 

Now he’s a slave, sentenced to the mines for a debt that was never his. 

But he’s used to the injustice — it’s all he’s ever known. All he can do is protect those weaker than him, against a universe that seems bent on destroying every good thing. Especially where he is concerned.

👉NONFICTION: Personal growth ftw!


Audiobooks have been my friend for a long time now. I use Audible, BUT recently discovered awesome FREE audiobooks (!!!) using apps like Hoopla, or (from my library) Libby.


Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts. They’re like YouTube, except for listening (which is great when you’re multitasking like cleaning the house or going for a run). The ones I listen to are generally personal-growth / motivational, including:

Okay yes maybe I’m boring, but it balances out the Sherrilyn Kenyon/”Trythian” side of me 😉


Breathe. Just breathe. Download an app like Calm, or hit up YouTube for tutorials and guided meditation. (I clearly haven’t done this much, so I don’t have any links for this one. …maybe I should make it a goal?)

9. MAKE ART!!!!!!!

This one’s a no-brainer coming from me. But dude.



It doesn’t have to be “good” or “cool.” Just make marks. Paint. Draw. Color a coloring page. Illustrate a story or a comic. Sculpt clay (or make your own “clay” if you have flour, water and salt).

Children’s book artist Mo Willems is offering free “lunch doodles” lessons live every day at 1 p.m. during quarantine for the next few weeks! Check him out here.

And “paint night” people at Yaymaker are planning to offer virtual paint nights, which sounds pretty cool!

Create SOMETHING. And give yourself permission to NOT be perfect about it (it’s much more relaxing that way).

There you have it. Nine ideas, from one introvert to all you involuntarily-newly-minted introverts. Welcome to the club 🙂

And stay tuned for Part II — I’ve got another nine ideas, which I’ll post on Wednesday!

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