What’s your glass-half-full look like?

LOTS of changes (that happened reeeeeally quickly) have plunged literally ALL of us into a weird new Unknown, and some of us are finding fresh and exciting things to complain about.

But (most of the time) everything doesn’t actually suck. We know this.

Even in the middle of the scary Unknown, what are some things you can appreciate?

Here are mine:

  • Coffee (some things never change)
  • Fluffy socks err’day
  • No more commute
  • Fluffy PJs
  • The glorious free things on the internet
  • Fluffy blankets
  • Instant snack access (also has a downside, but let’s be positive here)
  • Fluffy homemade bread

Aaaand also these:

9Bartering! When a friend needed batteries, we dropped some off, and she “paid” us with two (gift-wrapped!) rolls of toilet paper. I made a painting for another friend, in exchange for a cat tree and toys.

8Creative conservation. I over-toasted my stepdaughter’s waffle the other day; I mean, the thing was rock solid. But in this world of avoiding grocery shopping as much as possible, I didn’t want to waste it … so … we tenderized it. With a hammer. As you do. We put it on a cutting board, covered with a napkin to contain the crumbs, and smashed away. The kiddos were highly amused by this solution, which turned half the waffle soft enough to chew, and the other half into teeny crumbles, which my stepdaughter mixed with a little syrup and ate with a spoon! Breakfast saved, kids entertained for at least 8.27 minutes. #StepparentingWin

7Random food choices. Have you run out of milk, so you started drinking your coffee with hot chocolate mix? Did you find a black-bean burger in the freezer, and crumbled it up with some chopped broccoli and called it a “lunch bowl”? Did you cook taco meat, only to run out of tortillas, so you whipped up a packet of instant mashed potatoes and mixed in some shredded cheese and a can of beans? Quarantine “cooking” has been … interesting.

6 Pets. If you’ve got ‘m, snuggle ‘m. You get to see so much more of them now.

5Supporting small businesses. A cafe I go to also is a yoga studio, and they’re offering virtual classes. So is my boxing gym. (I’ve signed up for both.) I’ve also gotten a few gift cards for places I can’t get to right now, for after this is all over!

4Virtual coffee. Have a coffee WHILE connecting with a friend over Zoom, Facebook Messenger’s video chat, Facetime… We had coffee with my parents this weekend, and it was absolutely glorious.

3Movement. Staying home makes it so easy to lounge around. But move. Please move. If your body can move, be thankful that it can. And then, MOVE the darn thing. (Bonus points if you can involve your littles!)

2Showers. See Number 3 about the temptation to lounge around. But my gosh showers are amazing and make you feel human again. That is all.

1The people who can’t work from home. I’m so grateful for these humans right now. Medical staff, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, post office workers, police officers, scientists working on a darn cure — to name a few. These are the superheroes. They deserve the biggest thank-you of all.

Thanks for reading! I post a new blog every Monday — art ones (or general life-ish ones like this one) every other week, and stepmomming ones on the weeks between.

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