3+ME: Laugh. It’s good for you (and your stepkids. Even after you almost punch them)

I bounce.
I sing.
I snack.
I overshare.
I overthink.
I laugh.
I hug too tight and feel too much.
I procrastinate and don’t text back and get distracted (squirrel!)

This is me on a normal day.

It’s also me in quarantine — except, my family is getting the concentrated version, without any time-out-of-the-house to water it down.

Thankfully, my stepkids know all of this.

And usually, they just shake their heads in acceptance.

Amid the bouncing and the singing and the over-feeling and the stay-at-home-ness, there’s lots to smile about and — maybe — even laugh over.

  • Like when your stepson’s best friend needs batteries for her keyboard/piano, so you bring some to her doorstep — and her family repays you with two gift-wrapped rolls of toilet paper.
  • Or when your stepdaughter decides to write her “adventure story” homework assignment about her and her pet dolphin’s elaborate travels from (her choices) Hawaii to India to Madagascar to Slovakia on a submarine/bus that serves chicken-nugget-flavored ice cream (the dolphin’s personal favorite, apparently).
  • Or when you almostttt punch your stepson on reflex of pure terror after he sneaks up behind and scares the *bleep* out of you. (Yes, I realized it was him barely in time to pull my punch on that one. Gah, kid, thanks for making sure my heart’s still working)

Stupid stuff.

But it’s been the stupid stuff we’ve found entertaining.

We’ve found ourselves laughing a lot more than I would have expected during this quarantine/pandemic/debacle — and I guess we’re lucky for that.

Part of me wonders if that’s only because all of us are slightly nervous and things are so out-of-whack that we’re working extra hard to see the silliness, or we’re all slightly more prone to find amusement in the midst of the crazy.

But even if that is the case, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good to laugh.

It goes a long way to making things feel normal when we know everything is anything but.

(Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some singing to do before my husband’s next teleconference meeting.)

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