Random thoughts: When you’re too many things at once

How can you … be more than one thing?

If you’re juggling multiple hats (who ISN’T?), how do you focus on it all?

And I don’t necessarily mean, how do you work your day job
AND “homeschool” your stepkids
AND figure out how to grocery shop **safely**
WHILE ALSO taking care of your home and hopefully sanity
OH AND DON’T FORGET about your side hustle.

I mean —

What if you’re a woodworker
-and also-
a musician?

What if you’re a tech guru
-and also-
a gardener?

What if you’re (ahem) an artist
-and also-
an author?

What if you’re more than one thing?

How can you embrace/promote/identify as ALL OF IT?

If you’re reading this, you probably got here knowing me as an artist.

I draw cute things.
That’s what I do. 
That’s what I promote.

I also write.
That isn’t what I promote.

Because I don’t know how to be more than one thing. Not “publicly,” anyway. Especially because my art and my writing are absolutely not similar at all. 

ART >>>

• cute cats •
• cartoon-ish •
• mostly optimistic •


• tortured hero (decidedly not a cat) •
• scifi-ish •
• mostly romantic • 

My main characters as an artist (left) and author (right) … clearly not super compatible. (And I’m definitely worse at drawing one than the other.)

I really want people to like my art. Hence … Etsy shop, Instagram, Facebook page.

I also really want people to read what I write. But … I don’t know how to make that happen.

I guess — and this is as close to a “conclusion” as I can come to at the moment — what I need to realize is: I’m talking to two different audiences. I’m struggling because the spaces (virtual and otherwise) that I’ve spent time in, have been art-centric. Which isn’t gonna respond well to non-art-centric content.

So, what if I started reaching out in writer-centric circles instead?

Maybe I have to realize that I’m not trying to wear two hats at the same time.
Maybe these are two different pieces of clothing entirely.

I can wear them both simultaneously. But if one of them is a glove, I need to stop trying to get it to fit on my head.


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