So, I got laid off

I found out on Friday. The newspaper job I’ve had for ten years (first job out of college) has come to an end.

I’m not entirely sure how to write this, because I don’t know how to present it properly.

Part of me is sad.

We sold and moved out of our old newspaper building (pictured here) in January.

I mean, it’s difficult not to be sad when a place you’ve spent a decade, is now over.

(Plus, ya know, being laid off sucks. Also during a pandemic.)


The other part of me is glad it happened.

Here’s why:

I had already quit once.

Yep, just over two months ago, I went into my boss’s office, and gave my notice — because I wanted to pursue my art stuff full-time. (#Goals, right? #DoTheThing, #LiveYourBestLife and all that.) I’d stay at the paper til the end of March.

Halfway through March: Cue the current archnemesis of the world, COVID-19.

With all the craziness ensuing from there (and all of my art shows/primary-income-plan getting canceled), my bosses kindly gave me the option to un-quit, if I wanted.

I did.

Until now.

The company went through a round of layoffs, and I was part of it.

That’s kind of it, really. No long story.

So — this is my last week at the job I’ve worked at since I was 21.

And it’s weird.

But it’s okay. This has been a long time coming — AAAAND it frees me up to go after my art stuff without anyyyy excuses now. (!!!)


If anyone is looking for an illustrator or graphic designer — hit me up haha. You know where to find me.

By the way … this is a painting of a haiku I’d written in 2012, when the Taunton Daily Gazette copy editors (including me) moved to the Fall River office. Change is scary, so I used it as inspiration. (The letters are tracings of actual typefaces used in the paper.)

(Also note the three largest letters are TDG —the abbreviation of the paper’s name. See what I did there?) 🙂

Fear to turn the page
Isn’t as strong as the drive
To get to what’s next.

I guess … it’s time to get to what’s next.

Thanks for the memories, HN and TDG. It’s been a pretty amazing run.


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