Post-layoff: Week 1

How’d your first post-layoff week go, you ask?

Aw, how kind of you to check in!

In long:

  • I remembered on Monday that Mother’s Day was in ONE WEEK 😬(use. a. freaking. calendar.)
  • promptly made/posted a small handful of Mother’s Day cards / gifts 🙃(yipes)
  • was invited to join a South Coast Women’s Collaborative meeting 🥰 (meeep)
  • donated April’s Etsy earnings to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund 🙌(yay)
  • set up May’s donations (15%) for Forever Paws Animal Shelter 😻(woot)
  • overslept every day til Thursday 😴(grrrr)

And also!

  • SIX Etsy orders made / shipped / delivered (!)
  • TWO previous commissions finished (!!)
  • THREE new commissions requested (!!!)

In short:


Seriously, it was fun. Especially the commissions.

AND — hah! — I also FINALLY figured out how to use my Cricut that I bought months ago! #BusinessExpense

Stickers have been my biggest seller on Etsy (by far), but til now, I’ve been cutting out every. single. one. by hand.

My cousin’s been telling me to get a Cricut since … last summer? So this year I finally did — and it’s been sitting on its own little shelf in the corner of my “office” since then.

On Saturday, I actually took the time to figure it out.

And as was my expectation, it was frustrating as heck. I spent a decent chunk of the afternoon trying (and failing) to get it to work.

But a few hours (and a half-bag of stress-eaten Doritos) later, I did in fact figure it out.

(CRICUT NOTE: It really does help if you read the darn instructions. I was dead-set on printing the stickers on my nice printer *first,* and *then* cutting them on the Cricut —

I assumed the Cricut’s “Print Then Cut” setting involved printing on the Cricut itself. (???)

IT DOESN’T. It sends the design to your OWN printer, THEN lines it up ~automatically~ to cut on the Cricut.

Which is SOOOOO much easier than me sitting there with literally a ruler trying to hand-measure how to line up my pre-printed stickers so the Cricut would cut where I wanted it to. **facepalm**)

[Once I stopped and actually READ the instructions, it was amazing how straightforward it was.]

And, shocker, it’ll save me SO much time going forward.


Once I got it to work, I ended up spending the rest of the night designing sticker sheets to test out lol. They’ll probably be making their way to Etsy soon!

It’s gonna take me a while to get into a rhythm of things fully — I’ve complained at length about my lack of time-management skills. (shiny. things. everywhere.)

But not terrible for Week 1.

This is what I love to do.

And I freaking get to do it!

Thanks for reading! I post a new blog every Monday — art ones every other week, and stepmomming ones on the weeks between.

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