Take it outside

Quick thought:

With everyone stuck at home — don’t forget to go OUTSIDE.

Today being an exception (since it’s chilly and cloudy) we’re heading into glorious-er weather here in New England.

(We won’t talk about the fact that it was snowing here two weeks ago.)

If you possibly can, take your new normal, outdoors. ( + sunscreen, of course)

What could you get done outside?

    • your plan for the week
    • birthday cards for the month (June is coming!)
    • snail-mail note to a friend (on cute cards like these)
    • gratitude list
    • to-do list
    • when-this-is-over list
    • while-we’re-still-stuck-here list
  • WORK
    • If you must do work-ish things,
    • anything on a laptop / screen is tricky in the sun, so aim for the shade
    • or
    • if you work weird hours,
    • wait til dusk-ish so it isn’t too bright out
    • (bonus points for setting up a fire in the chiminea or firepit if you have one)
  • PLAY
    • board / card games (Kids Against Maturity is a new favorite at our house — it’s like Cards Against Humanity but … less … inappropriate lol)
    • puzzles (make a personalized one at Zazzle!)
    • bring the kids’ indoor toys outside (it’s okay, they can get dirty)
  • EAT “OUT”
    • morning coffee (this. so much of this.)
    • mid-morning coffee
    • lunchtime coffee
    • afternoon tea
    • afternoon coffee
    • picnic
    • s’mores
    • after-dinner coffee
  • MOVE
    • run / jog / walk / shuffle
    • do your normal YouTube workout (Popsugar has awesome ones!)
    • make an obstacle course for the kids (or for you)
    • (attempt to) garden (good luck)
  • Lastly, I’m partial to this one, but: DRAW 😉

Create your own sunshine — and enjoy the real stuff, too!

Thanks for reading! I post a new blog every Monday — art ones (or general life-ish ones like this one) every other week, and stepmomming ones on the weeks between.

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