RE-emerge: Summer art shows (yes, for real)

Think back to the beginning of this year.

… No, I don’t mean March 13.

I mean, actually the beginning of January (even though it feels like three lifetimes ago).

Did you have a “word of the year”?

I did.

It was


…Three months later, the world as a whole did the exact OPPOSITE of that.

But as things start to open back up, some of us are getting the opportunity to emerge once again.

And I wanted to let you know about some upcoming freaking ART SHOWS that I’ll be at (properly socially distanced) this summer!

I hope you share Thor’s enthusiasm. Here we go!

Both events are set up with plenty of space around each tent, and wide aisles to walk down to encourage social distancing.

Masks are required at both as well, from vendors and attendees, for safety. (See, I even matched mine to my display lol.)

So yeah! Come say hi, see some cute stuff, and stay safe!

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